Happy Data Protection Day

Data Protection Day 08 From: The Council of Europe - Data Protection Day - 28/01/08

The aim of the Data Protection Day is to give European citizens the chance to understand what personal data is collected and processed about them and why, and what their rights are with respect to this processing.

They should also be made aware of the risks inherent and associated with the illegal mishandling and unfair processing of their personal data.

The objective of the Data Protection Day is therefore to inform and educate the public at large as to their day-to-day rights, but it may also provide data protection professionals with the opportunity of meeting data subjects.

Bit ironic really, given the data protection crisis currently plaguing the UK.  Perhaps we should have opted out of it this year.


  1. Should this august occaision not also carry the subtitle "Happy Let's Bugger Up your Identity Day?"

  2. Oh definitely - that's a much more accurate description, minxy.


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