Call into Starbucks for a .... kidney?

Starbucks Take 1 Starbucks, add two women - one, a kind, benevolent character with a kidney to spare and the other, a sick, polycystic kidney disease sufferer, mix them together and you have a whole new kind of service being offered at everyone's favourite coffee shop.  Yes, Starbucks worker, Ms Andersen offered regular customer Ms. Ausnes her left kidney when it was discovered the former was a blood match. Certainly over and above the line of duty for a worker who, ironically, is said to have taken the job largely because of the corporate health benefits the company provided.

Ms. Andersen, 51, has worked at Starbucks for more than four years quipped: “My husband said, ‘Next time someone comes in and says they don’t feel good, don’t give away another body part.”

The duo are set to go under the knife on March 11th.  You can read the full story here.


  1. wow... i wonder what my coffee vendors think of me.. i doubt they even know who i am!

  2. Yeah, in a UK Starbucks, instead of having the offer of a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry, not to mention the eventual offer of a kidney donation, you'd probably get a stony look and the person say, "next, please". Actually, they probably wouldn't even say 'please'.

    BTW: this story added a new word to my vocabulary - barista. I'd never heard of it before. Turns out it's a often-used term particularly in America for someone who works behind the counter in a coffee shop. It seems to denote a high level of expertise in the preparation of espresso so I'm not sure how relevant the term is in UK coffee shops.


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