Macbook Air Parody

I expect most people have caught the Macbook Air ad on TV where it's seductively withdrawn from an A4 envelope to reveal its slenderness. 


In this parody, we're shown that the Macbook Air isn't the only computer that can be housed in a large envelope nowadays.


  1. Hahaha! What a great find. The Macbook seems far too fragile to be honest. I think if I was to ever own one, I would be far too careful around it and consequently would never get any work done.

  2. Very good :))))

    I'd like to get a macbook sometime (in the distant future); they just seem so cool!

  3. There are a couple of other funny parodys I've come across:

    I've blogged previously about the airport security officials who thought a macbook air carried by one guy was a dummy and actually housed a 'suspicious device'.

    They've been talking this week on TWiT about the guy who lost his macbook air - he last saw amongst some newspapers on his coffee table - he now thinks his wife recycled it along with the newspapers and didn't realise it was in there. That's got to hurt.

  4. Sounds so crazy - loosing a laptop at home forever. :)

  5. Definitely is crazy, Andro. Seems like it isn't just the remote control you can lose down the back of the sofa now - it's your laptop as well.


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