Forget Sugar - Donald Trump's the Daddy

THE_APPRENTICE_S2_D3-9 I've been reading a lot in the last couple of days about Nicholas De Lacy Brown - the first contestant to be voted off of the British version of 'The Apprentice'. 

Firstly, I should point out that I didn't watch the show, and I doubt I'll even bother catching it on iplayer.  There seems to be a general consensus of opinion out there as to how Nick B presented himself - pretty damn badly.  He didn't do himself, or the legal profession any favours at all. 

So what exactly did the blawging community make of it?


Lacklustre Lawyer wisely observes: "you can tell that this was a person who has spent a huge part of his life trying to be someone that he isn't".

Lost London Law Student recalls his Wednesday night viewing: "Then there is the apprentice with Nick the prick. A toff, who was actually quite good at art."

And Law Minx pitched in with "Speak NOT to me of this utter, utter TW*T!!! What he doesn't have and will never have is a flair for dealing with people. Which is why he will make a sh*t barrister.
Is it me, or were those glasses too big for his chinless face???"

Law Girl neatly sums Nick's performance up: "Such a damaging and pompous representation of a trainee barrister I hope never to see on television again. The exact example of everything I complain about, loathe, and hope never to replicate."

Amen to that.

While I've caught clips of the tawdry BBC version of the Apprentice, I've never watched a full episode through.  Haven't been able to stand it, quite honestly.  Don't get me wrong though: I like the Apprentice.  When it's done properly, of course.  For several years now I've had the pleasure of feasting luxuriously on the 'real' Apprentice - US style.  The original and best with none other than America's larger than life real estate mogul, Donald Trump.  I have most series of DVD, but I know that some are aired on BBC 2 - usually late at night.  Typical.  Still, it's well worth checking out.  If you haven't watched 'The Donald' in action, you'll be left wondering what you've been missing all these years.

The boardroom scenes with Trump's infamous firing forefinger are particularly classic moments. 


  1. People like Nick are the very reason I refrained from the BVC and a career at the bar. I understand that so many are not like him, but I always end up sitting next to these people at Lincolns Inn dinners!


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