Ofcom paves the way for mobile flight calls

Aeroplane Phone Calls From vnunet.com 26.03.08

Ofcom has given the green light for airlines to install mobile phone masts in aircraft following an extended consultation period.

The regulator stated that it has no objection to passengers making mobile phone calls, provided that the safety of the aircraft is not affected.

However, the technology will still need to be approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Ofcom acknowledged that there could be other issues to mobile phone use on aircraft beyond aircraft safety.

"Some of the responses to the consultation also raised concerns about passenger welfare and the potential for discomfort, anti-social behaviour and 'air rage'," said Ofcom in its Mobile Communications Onboard Aircraft report.

Isn’t the prolific use mobile phones on public transport bad enough already? You can’t walk on a bus or train at any time of the day or night now without getting an earful of conversation from an over-enthusiastic phone user. The thought that mobile phones could soon invade this hitherto blissful sanctuary – one of the few mobile-less zones left in the world - fills me with dread, quite honestly. Can you imagine it though: a trans-continental flight sat next to some chav with a mobile clamped to his ear, sharing his life and troubles not only with the pesky caller but with every poor passenger in the vicinity as well?


  1. Cool. You'd be able to access facebook too!

  2. Is nowhere safe from the curse of the mobile phone?!?

  3. No. No. No. No to the use of phones on flights. I want to be able to sleep on flights and for that I need complete silence not everyone around me telling their 'loved ones' that they are about to land and probably every other detail imaginable. Holidays will never get off to a good start for anyone now!

  4. Don't worry, guys. I'm sure they'll have 'quiet' zones...


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