Calls for net addiction to be universally recognised

Internet AddictionFrom 19.03.08

Excessive gaming and email/text messaging should be added to psychiatry's official guidebook of mental disorders, according to an article in this month's American Journal of Psychiatry.

Withdrawal and an associated sense of anger or depression when users cannot reach a computer, the constant need for better equipment and the feeling of social isolation and fatigue are all signs of technology-related mental disorders.

The conditions are difficult to treat because internet addiction is "resistant to treatment, entails significant risks and has high relapse rates".

I think many of the bloggers out there are all net addicts of varying degrees.  Some are more predisposed to it than others, of course. Still, I don’t count myself as a suffer - I just like the internet.  I can stop any time I like. No, seriously - I can.


  1. I once stopped commenting on everyone elses blogs for 24 WHOLE hours!!!! See, I can kick the habit too, at any time!!!!!

  2. Wow Minxy!! That's a very long time for you. Were you breaking out in cold sweats during those 24 hours? :-P

  3. Cold SWEATS??? Indeed !! Look at these hands - steady as a rock they are, not shaking in ANY Way at all... I can give up ANY time I want - im not at ALL addicted (*sniffs and wipes runny nose with back of mottled hand*) - no, really I'm not.......

  4. I saw a picture of this book on the internet once, it was called 'How to get off your computer and go to bed'. I searched Amazon without no luck. Must've been photoshopped. :'(

  5. P.s. I just noticed the new header! Very festive :)

  6. Yeah, thought I'd better mark Easter somehow on Law Actually.


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