Google Moon

Google Moon From Scenta 3.3.08:

In what's being described as the most wide-scale advertising attempt ever known, Google is planing to "brand" its logo into the surface of the moon so that it is visible from Earth, although presumably via telescope rather than to the naked eye.

The web giant is said to have paid the US government an estimated $1 billion for the rights to the lunar land.

I came across this story last week and initially suspected it might be another Google April Fools. Apparently not, though. I guess this scheme is somewhat in keeping with Google’s light-hearted and rather maverick corporate image. But the moon, seriously? Isn’t it a touch excessive and unnecessary? Google has become synonymous with the internet; there can hardly be a single person left in the civilised world who isn't aware of Google. However, with such a large market share in internet search and advertising, maybe Google are looking for a new customer base - extra-terrestrial web users. Yeah, that must be it.


  1. Since when did the Americans own the Moon?!

  2. I think they consider themselves to be the de facto owners since the Armstrong landing.

  3. Did the armstrong landing happen though? I'm not quite convinced that it did.

    You can't brand into a celestial body that everyone has seen since humanity existed a corporate logo. Kinda ruins the celestiality of it. Really hope this is just a fool thing.

  4. One small step for man, one giant leap for Googlekind?
    Google to the moon


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