10 ways the Chinese internet is different from yours

Chinese Internet UserThe fact the Chinese government are vetting internet access is hardly news these days but it’s still an interesting topic and reason to be thankful it remains the exception rather the norm. I ran across an interesting article on Networked World about ’10 ways the Chinese internet is different from yours’.

#5 It's censored [obviously]

The Chinese government is believed to employ tens of thousands of censors who monitor bloggers and delete offensive or subversive material. These censors require ISPs and other Internet companies to stop posting articles, forums and blogs about controversial subjects.

#1 It's slower [oh!?]

Due to congestion on China's backbone networks and the time it takes for communications to travel across undersea cables to the United States and Europe, travelers find a noticeable difference in the responsiveness of the Internet in China compared to the rest of the world.

#4 Blackouts are common [oh boy]

If the Chinese government finds that a user has downloaded forbidden content, it breaks the connection and prohibits the user from establishing communications with the site. These blackouts can last anywhere from two minutes to an hour.

#3 Access to foreign Web sites is limited [oh great!]

The Chinese government uses four mechanisms -- DNS blocking, reset commands, URL keyword blocking and content scanning -- to prevent Internet users in the country from reaching blacklisted Web sites or content.

Sounds bad, right? But there are some positives:

Less spam, less malware and phishing scams and err, less porn.


  1. Isn't it particulary very weird, that what connects the internet is undersee water cables? I always thought it would be a complex satellite thing..?

  2. Yeah, that's a good point - for such a modern and increasingly ubiquitous (and essential) technology, we're still reliant on dropping cables across the length of ocean floors.

  3. Chinese internet must be boring.

  4. Yeah, very boring by the sounds of it. :-(


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