Blogging - a bit 'last year'

Blogging - old-fashioned Have web technologies evolved far beyond the blog already? Are bloggers a bit 'last year'?  Granted, blogs aren't exactly the newest thing on the web these days and the style and purpose of blogs continue to evolve into something more community-oriented. 

But is being a blogger something to be ashamed of?

According to Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur in this week's Net @ Night podcast the blog is far from the cutting edge.

: "it just feels to me that it's sooooo nineties" ...."the term 'blog' just seems diminutive".

"Blogs are big but they're a little bit mainstream"... [they] "seem a bit old-fashioned".

Amber: [the term blogger] "almost seems like an insult". 

And her response to people who introduce her as a blogger? "You know what, I don't actually blog that much". 


  1. Snobs!

    I blog and I'm proud of it! :)

  2. These are silly people who can't grasp the concept of blogging, so I shall cock a snook at them!


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