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I've never been a massive mobile phone user and generally find  'txting' a massive annoyance.  That said, I have possessed a fair few mobile handsets over the last 8 years - some good, some not quite so and one downright awful.  This amusing little number that I found via Windows Secrets documents exactly how far the mobile phone has come.


  1. I'm thinking it's about time I replaced my phone.

    A lot of people, when they see it, do comment on it. Mainly because it's getting on a bit. It'll be 5 years old in June :)

    It's got bluetooth so I can use it whilst driving; and I can make & receive phone calls & text messages. I have a camera that works fine, and I have an mp3 player. So, I'm wondering why to change - if I do buy a new one, will it last as long as my Nokia 6310?

  2. I've still got my sony ericsson w550i and I love it. I dropped it so many times and it's not been affected one little bit. Some mean people even called it a 'brick'. ;D The signal is great and it's not *too* chunky.

  3. Is that an 'old' handset then, Andro? 'Fraid I'm not hugely knowledgeable when it comes to phones so you'll have to forgive my ignorance. :-/

  4. Well... I don't think it's old, but you know how it is nowadays - they release hundreds of new models per day! I think mine was released in 2004-2005.

  5. Yeah, the rate of new handsets being brought out is crazy. Orange seem to offer me a free one every now and then with my contract.


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