When social networking goes too far

All regular visitors to Law Actually know of my dislike of the more popular social networking sites out there.  This video, I think, neatly encapsulates everything I hate about the highly pervasive and over-powering nature of these Facebook, My Space, Bebo etc. etc. and their perceiving importance on the web and in people's lives right now.  On seeing this video it really drives home exactly how 'social' and 'communitised' the web has become and how such platforms think they know what people want to see, read and do on the web.

Quite frankly, I find the whole concept of them something akin to being overrun by poison ivy.

In the video the social networking sites try to make 'My Space' wake up and realise the dream is over, and how he is already sliding into obscurity.  After initially holding his nerve, poor My Space is forced to admit defeat, firstly to Facebook.  "You've been dying for this to happen with your 'superpokes' and your 'megawall'.   How am I supposed to compete? -  there's a new application on there everyday, every God-damn day"!

On the brink of cracking, Adult Friend Finder recognises that he 'needs a girlfriend'.  Luckily she knows "12 girls in this area looking for sex, tonight!!!

Great stuff.



  2. Oh, not again... ;D

    I think that social networking stuff etc. is like alcohol - you have to use it responsibly (says someone who doesn't drink).

  3. If you liked that video you might find this one worth a look!

  4. LOL - Just as good, if not better!! :)

  5. That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time - and I like (not love) using facebook! Social sites are a good way to organise parties though - a lot easier and cheaper than sending 50 texts!



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