Speed camera captures 'full moon'

mooning_incident From BBC News 1.5.08:

A front seat car passenger was photographed baring his backside at a speed camera in Northumberland.

The "mooning" man was snapped by the mobile camera as the black BMW X5 drove past on the A1171 Dudley Lane in Cramlington last month. His behaviour has been labelled as "dangerous and offensive" by road safety campaigners.

Police may take action against the man for public order offences and not wearing a seat belt. Officers have the registration of the car, which was not breaking the speed limit, and intend to contact its owner. It is understood the driver will not face prosecution as no driving offence was being committed.

I guess it brings a new meaning to those cheesy car-window stickers, 'smile for the speed camera'.  This story reminded me of the time when someone from my secondary school mooned at the bus driver after the journey home, as schoolboys - well, prefects in this instance - are wont to do. 

What I immediately wondered was whether it was pre-meditated.  I'm assuming it was, here.  Did the driving duo pass the mobile unit and think, "I'm going to get that sucker on the way back"?  Did then, as the driver approached the 'drop zone' give his passenger the nod as it were, indicating it was time to 'pull them down' and bare all?  Surely he must have: I mean, manoeuvring oneself round to an angle and position to moon out of the window is not exactly an easy trick to pull off without warning, even in an SUV.


  1. I guess it brings a new meaning to those cheesy car-window stickers, 'smile for the speed camera'

    It does indeed.

    I would have thought it would have to be pre-meditated. Unless, of course, the passenger of the car frequently takes to mooning other road users while he is the passenger in a car, and it was just coincidence that they passed the mobile camera unit...

  2. I thought speed cameras were activated when someone's breaking the speed limit... Well, in this case, they said that the car was not breaking the speed limit. Or does obscenity activate the speed cameras too? )

  3. Oh, sorry.. I missed the word 'mobile', which makes it even worse. Pervs! :o

  4. Er, why is a speed camera taking pictures of drivers who aren't speeding?

  5. I wonder if the person in posession of the suspect ar*e bared his in a vain attempt to fool the traffic bods into believing that the Moon had just risen thereby defying the laws of physics, gravity, and, well, the law, really.......
    ( I'm not making any sense again, am I?!)

  6. anon at 0126 - mobile speed cameras often work diferently from the fixed ones in that they monitor the speed of all drivers that pass them.

  7. Pervs indeed, Andro. Still, traffic cops have got to amuse themselves somehow.

    Interesting theory there, Minxy. Certainly creative, though I think even you would have a hard time successfully arguing that one.


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