Thursday check-in

img_70751 I've been pretty busy of late and not blogging that much.  To make matters worse, I've also been on the road quite a bit in the last week or so, house-hunting, preparing for my impending move.  Thankfully I can report it's been fairly productive so far and there are a lot of suitable properties about.  In other words, then, it's the antithesis of my experiences last time I was looking about 9 months ago.  Note to self: never, ever, leave things so last-minute again.  I think I've learnt my lesson on that score.

I've been somewhat amazed at the amount of traffic my blogging about the new OGC logo has generated in the last week.  I keep a fairly regular check on the traffic on Law Actually and it's sky-rocketed in the last 7 days.  Now it's back to reality I suppose.  Sigh.

I swung by the Rix FM site earlier today, mainly to check out the picture gallery from Rix Morron Zoo.  I first discovered the Swedish radio station Rix FM  when I was studying in Sweden during the 2004-2005 academic year and quickly became a regular listener.  Even after my return to the UK, I still tuned in to their online content, mostly for the crazy exploits of Rix Morron Zoo.  Alas, I don't get round to it nearly as much now, but still like to 'check in' occasionally.  I was interested to see that 'the Zoo' as I used to dub them, made it to Ramundberget this week for After Ski 1000.  I shouldn't be surprised though, as the trio were never ones to shy away from alpine action and off-piste capers.  Seems like they had great weather though and the lovely Titti Schultz made the most of it, despite looking a little pensive on the slopes.


  1. Do you speak Swedish then? :p

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