Introductory blah blah, late buses and bad weather

Motion blur image of wet business man with briefcase and umbrella walking to work through the London rain Yeah, I have had it all thrown at me today.  After a pretty painless first day, fate conspired against me on day two and I'm hoping to bounce back tomorrow.  After arriving late due to the bus taking a ridiculously long time wending its way through rush-hour traffic - how the hell did I miscalculate that? - I then got a thorough soaking when the heavens opened, only to be then bored by 90 minutes of introductory information delivered via a 'lecture'.  What really rankles, though, is the fact that all of this information is available in the induction materials without the need for it to be verbally regurgitated by law school personnel who should certainly have something better to do; I know the students did.

Anyway, as I said, hopefully I can get back on track for day three and shrug-off the problems of today.  BTW: I'm already planning a module change - more on that later in the week.


  1. I was in a sorry state when I arrived home, Andro! I took the downpour initially with good humour and tried to shake the raindrops off like a little dawg. Still by the time I'd sat through that lecture and then travelled all the way back, there wasn't even a scamper left in me. :-(


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