Nothing's More Simple than a Single Giant Button

I meant to post this a last week when I first discovered it.  It's too good not to share..

In a painful moment of self-reflection for Apple, their products and the ubiquitous Apple-fanboys and this news feature is painfully good satire

The video speaks for itself but I'll flag-up my favourite lines:

"Everything is just a few hundred clicks away".

"I'll buy almost anything if it's shiny and made by Apple" -- this is uncomfortably true of a lot of Apple fanboys.

The newsreader closes with arguably the best line of the show: "It remains to be seen whether 'the wheel' will catch on in the business world where people use computers for actual work and not just dicking around!"


Fantastic stuff!


  1. Meh I don't really see it as being useful.
    Having used a qwerty keyboard since the age of 7 and having a relatively ok typing speed, I can't see many people bringin this into lectures to take notes on!

  2. I would love a apple mac. There too dear :( :( :(

    Imagine if you was in the lecture and someone had the clicker on it like you do with the ipod.

    CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK every time the touched it lol you could mash up a beat with it :P

  3. Err, hmmm. I'm assuming that you're both being ironic here and twigged (straight away) that this was a blatant spoof.

  4. What a great ad.

    I especially liked the bit about every email saying it was sent from a Macbook -'so people know you have one'.

    I wonder if anybody did see the ad and then proceed to search for it on Amazon?!


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