Microsoft Songsmith: So bad it's good...well, nearly!

You’ll definitely need your earplugs for this one, no matter how broad your taste in music might be. I first learnt of this monstrosity from listening to the latest TWiT (This Week in Tech) podcast and the snippet of the video they played was cringe-worthy enough the first time around.  Still, it's such a brarmer that I thought I just had to share it on Law Actually.

The ad, for what it's worth, is not an official Microsoft one but rather one made by a couple of Microsoft employees.  Quite how serious they were about it, I don't know.  They've probably been laid off by now in any event.

All together now:

“I’m singing with my laptop…

Making up new songs…”



  1. Thismust be the most annoying piece of softwar ever.

  2. Yup, it's like a poor quality musical.

    Still, you have to suspend belief for musicals. The entire town bursting into song.

    For some reason, it's just reminded me of the Buffy episode Once more with feeling. I've obviously grown out of watching Vampire Slaying programmes - but I still think it's one of the best episodes of TV ever written. So, I'm going to mention a song, because I can :p
    Going through the motions

  3. The Buffy episode had some elements of irony, and it was knowingly kitsch. Good episode.

    I'm not a Microsoft hater, but anything which encourages people with no musical ability that they too, can produce 'music' is just plain wrong.


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