Term 2

New Term Today is an important one. It marks the start of a new term, the date my rent is paid (ouch) and, most importantly, the date the new Ferrari F1 challenger is launched. Dubbed the F60, this new car isn’t as horrible as I feared it might be, in the wake of a raft of dramatically new regulations for the 2009 season. 

Anyway: enough of that. Having only one lecture today, it was a graceful re-entry into the academic year and all of the scheduling nightmares that go with it. So far, at least.

I’m heavily occupied at the moment with my second assignment of the year: Corporate Governance. This first topic is very ‘theory’ based and for a non-economist like myself it can be a little heavy-going at times; I’m not used to seeing formulae in journal articles, even less trying to interpret it.

I’ve been researching this thing for over a week now, though my wandering attention has made progress particularly slow. I started the 'writing process' on Friday and have been struggling ever since to get into any kind of 'flow'. I usually find writing fairly easy but this has been more akin to pulling teeth. The last time I was this unexcited by a topic, I think, was during my coursework for Equity and Trusts as an undergrad. Tough times.


  1. Our lecturer decided to teach us about UK Securities Law for some reason, which is normally only taught at post graduate law!!

    Damn him!

    How are you finding company law? It seems quite straight forward with bits of equity and contract thrown in?!

  2. I dunno about the F60, I think you could get BBC2 with that rear wing...

  3. Good luck Lost!!! Isnt this your last term as an undergrad now?

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean, Asp. It's certainly tall and narrow compared to rear wings under the previous regs. Still, the new Ferrari is a lot better looking than the abortion Williams ran in testing towards the end of last year, with modified aerodynamics compliant with the 2009 regs!!

    I'm finding company law all right thanks, Lost. It's very interesting comparing the content and approach on the LL.m as against the BLP module on the LPC. Looking back now, it's obvious just how superficial so much of the coverage of key commercial topics was on the BLP.

  5. I fear my commercial head is severely shrunken, so I havent a sausage about coprorate governance whatsoever! I can only wish you well as the academic year progresses, in tandem with the thought that if you ever need to relate the topic to the erosion of the prohibition against torture in international law, the Thesis Monster is your Chap! :)

  6. I'm sorry that this is a bit off-top. But I was meaning to ask you - what's with the www.accidentsdirect.com links? :D


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