Snow Business

Footway in snowy woods At the risk of being accused of publishing another misleading picture to accompany my blog posts, I couldn’t let the first (and probably only) dusting of snow that the Michael has encountered this year pass by without making mention of it here.

Like the majority of the nation this morning, I was greeted with a (semi) white winter wonderland outside and, unlike many of the poor souls slipping, sliding and skidding out there, thankfully didn't have to commute in it. As I drolly observed: “it only takes a couple of snowflakes to bring the country’s infrastructure to its knees”.

And talking of erudite observations, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, posing as the Comte de Bleuville, observed in the Fleming novel ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’:

We are going to have snow. It will be a good day for work. No distractions.”

In theory, then, this dusting of the white stuff offers me an excellent opportunity to get the hell on with some more work, save for the distractions unaffected by the elements - such as blogging, of course. The IT law paper was finally finished a couple of days ago and I’m now (bravely) tackling my preparation for the 5th company law seminar of the course. I’ve noted, somewhat worriedly, that the said seminar marks the half-way point in seminar schedule for the entire year. Yikes.


  1. I love it when Jack Frost pays a visit.

    Until I have to go somewhere.

  2. Well done on finishing that coursework of yours!

  3. Thanks, Andro. I'm trying to make best speed through my Corporate Governance assignment now.


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