When Procrastination Bears Fruit

Procrastination I’ve been making heavy weather through my Corporate Governance assignment. I’m not usually much of a moaner but this paper has been horrific. Such was my lack of motivation just to get on and write this damn paper, I took to looking up a couple of (quite random) articles that certain lecturers at my previous university had written. Naturally, I turned to trusty Zetoc.

Well, as it turns out, a lecturer at the university I attended as an undergrad (and one I didn’t much care for at the time) had written some refreshingly succinct articles on a subject not entirely unrelated to my corporate governance paper. As I idly skimmed through the PDF of his paper, I remember being hit by an ‘oh-my-God: I COULD USE THIS!!!’ moment. Sitting bolt upright, I grabbed the mouse, snagged the citation of the article and had added it to my bibliography in a matter of seconds.

Someone’s looking out for me, I guess.


  1. Have you got loads to do still?

  2. That's happened to me a few times too - the only difference is that I've spotted the article that is superb after the assignment has been handed in. I'm still of an age where I'll read these things for interest and I'll idly come across an article which I'll read and then realise "Noo, if I only had you last week!"

    It's like if you buy something - you can't ever look for it again because you'll find it on sale.


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