£30K compensation for another ‘grape slip-up’

Personal Injury Compensation Grapes From CPD Webinars 23/02/09:

Jeanette Plummer, 62, has been awarded nearly £30,000 in compensation after she slipped on two grapes and broke her shoulder in a Marks & Spencer store in Bath. The fall, in October 2005, left her needing a shoulder joint replacement  operation.

"The fall has really had an effect on my life. I'm now restricted as to what I can do. I'm really glad to get the compensation money,” Mrs Plummer said.

Louise Hart, a partner at Bath law firm Withy King which represented Mrs Plummer, said "It has taken three years to resolve this hotly contested matter but we are pleased to have finally agreed an out-of-court settlement with Marks & Spencer.  We feel strongly that the accident could have been avoided if the grapes had been sold in zipped bags and a more effective cleaning policy had been in place to deal with any food spills.  When these accidents are caused by faulty products or the negligent actions of others, it is only right that the victims are compensated for their injuries and any long-term effects on their lives."

What is it with Marks & Spencer and their customers slipping over on grapes? Long time readers of Law Actually might remember this post from around this time last year concerning a very similar issue. Maybe it’s the fact that M&S simply attract more accident-prone customers than other stores.  Or maybe they’re just more litigious.

It’s strange that with all the glass products about in supermarkets, something as innocuous as a couple of grapes could cause such injury.  The zipper bags for grapes are a good idea, I suppose, though the cost will inevitably be passed on to customers. As for the ‘more effective cleaning policy’, it’s difficult to judge how reasonable that argument was. With a product like grapes, there’s always going to be the odd ‘escapee’ and should surely remain within the bounds of acceptability. Even so, there are ways for such risks to be mitigated - such as upright edges to counters where the product is displayed or by recessing the counters themselves. If, though, there were enough grapes and/or mush lying around to make a decent bottle of red wine, it’s probably a different matter.


  1. They could make a horror film called 'I slip on your grape'

  2. I guess so. You come out with some strange things sometimes, Andro! :-)

  3. You know the film 'I spit on you grave'?

  4. No, I hadn't heard of it. Just looking it up on Google.

  5. Whatever you do, don't watch the trailer!

  6. Okay, that sounds like good advice... I'll steer well clear! :-)

  7. Wasn't going to watch it, but.... I watched it! :-0 Holy Cow.

    This isn't the sort of film I'd have expected you to be familiar with, Andro. :-0

  8. Don't get me wrong - I'm not very fond of this genre; it was an accident!

    But do you get my first post now?

  9. What was an accident - you discovering the film or the excuse the woman used each time she butchered one of the men? My favourite was the guy she pushed into the water from the boat, circled around him a few times and then came at him with an axe or mallet - the way she swung it, I thought she was trying to invent a new kind of water polo. Actually, when she started the boat's engine I thought she was going to 'mangle him with the outboard's propeller'.

    But, yes, Andro. I do 'get' your first post now! :-)

  10. You've got to love the old horror movies...

    When we bough our first dvd player, we got 50 dvds with it for free. There were some old dodgy films there, I tell you

  11. So that explains how you come to know of such a 'distasteful' film :-P

    I'm quite a fan of old movies, and not necessarily just the horror genre. My DVD collection (such that it is) might be something of an embarrassment to some.... though I'm frankly past caring about people criticising my movie tastes.

    I don't suppose you had a copy of 'Puppet on a Chain' in your dodgy collection of 50 or so old films? I've been 'after' it for a while. Watching the trailer for 'I spit on your grave' reminded me of it... its got the same kind of disturbing 70's feel to it.

  12. I couldn't tell you, because I've given it all to a charity shop long ago! :( But I do remember that there were quite a few hilarious ninja films!

  13. Oh :-(

    Maybe just as well - I'm not so keen on ninja flicks. The Karate Kid is probably as ninja-ish as I ever got.

    The Karate Kid - wow. No there's a blast from the past!


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