The ‘WTF’ Snuggie Blanket

Seeing as the UK is in the unrelenting grip of a cold snap at the moment, this might just be the perfect product to keep you ‘warm and toasty’ this winter.  Or maybe not.

This gem of advertising parody can only be truly appreciated once you’ve seen the original ‘snuggie’ ad which started it all off.  I actually saw the parody first and found it difficult to believe that the graphical content was really from a ‘genuine’ ad and that this ‘blanket with sleeves’ was out there on the market.  But, with consumerism being what it is (particularly in America) it really IS out there, in all its hopeless glory. 



  1. it's crazy how these infomercials draw in my attention, though i haven't gotten the point of actually buying a Snuggie or Shamwow, etc


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