All Snowed In – Not the Weather for Law

Snow Closure The Law School had the good sense to cancel all classes today as a load more snow was dumped from the heavens overnight. My schedule dictates that I don’t go in to Uni on Thursdays but I wouldn’t have much fancied my chances in making it all there had I had lectures. Instead, I was able to get a load of my company law notes done but, suffice it to say, didn’t get quite as much done as I’d planned. Story of my life, it seems.

Today, when I realised we’d been (partially) snowed in for a second consecutive morning, I deliberated whether to try and make it in at all. Still, I thought I might as well try, as I feared I’d be plagued with guilt if I just stayed at home and made no attempt to wrestle with the inclement conditions out there. Fortunately, I had the foresight to check my Uni email account before leaving and learned of the cancellation before getting my ‘feets’ cold and wet outside.

Another day of company law notes then.


  1. Hey just found your blog randomly. Having been through the LPC myself, luck and persistance is all you need! It's a shame the economy is so bad otherwise graduates like myself would have some sort of paid job by now! Shall add you to my blog list!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I have added your site to my link list also. It's certainly true that there hasn't been a worst time to be job hunting in recent years than the present. Still, like you say, luck and persistence go a long way.

  3. How are you finding the LPC? I did Commercial Law as one of my electives on the LPC, it was definitely interesting as I had never studied it on the degree.
    Have you been able to secure a training contract? Or any work?
    I am actually contemplating a Law masters, but I don't think I could handle any more debt or full on education!

  4. Poonam: I'm actually studying for an LLM right now. I decided definitively over a year ago that I don't really want to practice - probably should have listened to that internal voice calling a lot earlier. Re. jobs, I currently have a part time one which helps to grease the wheels financially during my LLM though will be job hunting properly later this year. I guess the timing could hardly be worse.


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