Happy Birthday Law Actually

Birthday Cup Cake Although it’s difficult to believe, today marks Law Actually’s second birthday. Time certainly goes quickly and in those two years, this blog has seen in excess of a two hundred posts.

It’s interesting to look back at the nascent stages of Law Actually; on 19th February 2007 and in my first post, my uncertainty as to the wisdom of setting up a second blog was clear:

“I’ve bravely decided to start a new blog, the principal reason being that my original [blog – F1 Central] was becoming just too much of a dumping-ground for the multitude of issues (besides F1) that I started to cover.”

Before that I had been blogging over at F1 Central which has withered and died completely in the last 12 months or so.

In that initial post on Law Actually, I also highlighted my tendency to veer off at tangents:

“...I’ll still diverge and digress at most given opportunities (on both blogs) but at least this way, there will be a fundamental divide between F1 and Law(ish) related-thingies.”

Obviously, some things don’t change.  But still, Law Actually wouldn’t be the same without my off-piste entries, would it?


  1. Are we meant to say "Many Happy Returns" at this juncture or not? I've never been quite sure.

    And I want F1 posting again this year! I'm going to get back into the "pinnacle" again with the BBC coverage (and the fact I'll be at Silverstone over my Birthday weekend - timing :) ), so need someone to join in with.

  2. I really enjoy reading the blog and hope that we'll see another two years of blogging!

  3. Sounds good ASP. I've been a bit lukewarm over F1 since Michael retired. The new regs might be just what I needed to reignite my enthusiasm. I might return to F1 posting... or I might drive the final nail into the coffin with a "this blog is now defunct" post. Time will tell. Since last March it's kind of been hanging there in limbo.

    Thanks for the kind words, Oliver. I hope to be around and active in the blawgosphere for a while yet. :-)

  4. Hippo Birdie, Michael! :))

  5. Thanks Minxy and Andro. Law Actually is feeling quite a big, grown-up boy now. :-)


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