Pretty Damn Cold

Damn Cold Yes, God help us - another cold snap has descended on the UK. When I first heard about the second very cold spell of this (very cold) winter heading our way I was none too pleased. Now it’s arrived, my spirits have sunk even further. Despite being a timber-framed house and being by far the most modern I’ve lived in for the past few years, it’s also easily the coldest.

We’ve actually escaped quite lightly from the snow – so far, anyway. Still, there was enough for my girlfriend to give her customary shriek of delight this morning on seeing snow outside, though her mood dampened when she remembered she had to go to work. I’m meant to be in the city all day tomorrow for my dreaded ‘alternate Tuesday schedule’ – 3 seminars and a lecture, though with more snow predicted for tonight, I’m hoping I’m not going to have too much of a time of it trying to get in tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, I’ve barricaded myself in my office with enough layers of clothing on to challenge even the Michelin Man’s considerable girth while I try to absorb as much of the heat given off by my PC as possible. Having given my IT law preparation rather cursory attention, I now have my competition law textbook to wade through. Oh joy.

And just to compound my misery even further, Dyno-Rod have turned up to pump the drains across the street in a very noisy manner!


  1. I dont think you'll escape it for too long, Michael - its fair CHUCKED it down with the stuff overnight here such that I now have visions of having to sell one of my kidneys in order to pay the exorbitant heating bills foisted upon my person by SWALEC!!!

  2. Yeah, you were right, Minxy. We got blasted with a load more snow yesterday evening. Still, it wasn't enough to prevent me from getting in to Uni today though. Sigh.

  3. It's the feet. Doesn't matter how fluffy your slippers are, feet will not warm up when it gets this cold.

    Possibly a woman thing.

    It sounds like you have a nightmare of a Tuesday, good job it's over for another week!

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean about cold feet. My slippers aren't particularly fluffy and pretty hopeless at keeping my 'feets' warm at the moment.

    I had some boot type ones when I studied in Sweden a few years ago but although the temperature dropped to minus 27 at one point, it was always pretty warm inside so didn't get to appreciate my 'booties' that much.


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