Yes, the Sun’s out

SunBut, NO – it’s not summer yet.

It’s not that I’m anti super-happy people per se; I just don’t like overly cheerful ones. That’s particularly true when they  burst out into hyperactive episodes like a child whose consumed a few too many e-numbers simply over a bit of sunshine.  At the risk of appearing an inconsolable grump, it’s an issue I’ve been contending with all day and just had to voice my pent up aggression somewhere. 

Just for the record, a phrase to the effect: “ooohhh, I can’t wait for summer” uttered when it’s not even spring yet just kills me. I know summer is good – despite invariably failing to live up to the hype - we get one EVERY year!

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, it’s only the 2nd of March – there’s a fair way to go yet! Nevertheless, as we approach spring, society has to brace itself again as the more brazen citizens of the UK start to gear up for the warmer weather by showing as much pre-summer flesh as possible.

It’s always the ones who break cover first that I find the most annoying: you know, while the rest of the street is buttoned-up to the neck in winter coats, he or she is parading about like it’s mid August and they’re sweating like a P-I-G.  I’m sure we can all identify with that type of person– also known as the ‘they’ve-got-to-be-damn-well-freezing-in-that’ person who usually becomes ‘I-hope-you-catch-a-chill-because-you-deserve-it’ person.

I know: I’m all sweetness and light.

But if, God help you, you’re already looking out that sun tan lotion, here’s the clincher: it’s meant to be raining tomorrow.


  1. Yeah, I was a bit stressed from my IT paper I think. I've taken a chill pill now and am over it! :p

  2. Just to confirm, I was speaking figuratively in my previous comment.

  3. I love the Sun...there's nothing like a little bit of Vitamin D to make everything seem ok. I wouldn't rush out to get the sun tan lotion out but a little Sun does no harm, especially when we have such continuous bad weather here.

    I agree with those that flash the flesh as soon as a little sunshine appears as being totally wrong. Let's hope we actually have a Summer this year.

  4. Are you a dweller then, Michael? :P

  5. No, I'm not a dweller, Andro. Whatever one is. :-/

  6. A dweller is someone who dwells on things :P

  7. Oh I see - I thought it might have been some new-age hippy type person.

    I didn't dwell as such - it's just I thought my comment might have been misconstrued. :p

  8. The irony here is that I got absolutely soaked the day after I wrote this post, as I smugly pointed out the fact it would rain. I was like a drowned rat when I'd walked back from the law school. Whether that led (or at least contributed) to the fact I seem to be coming down with some kind of cold/bug type thing, I don't know but it should teach me not to be such a grump.

    What goes around, comes around, I guess.


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