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Keywords Search Terms I’m always keeping a close eye on the ‘stats’ for Law Actually and I’m often reminded of the wacky things that people punch into Google.  Those who ask search engines ‘questions’ usually rank as the funniest search terms of all.  Sometimes, far better than hitting the search button, users would benefit from taking a step back and really THINKING about what it is they’re searching for.  The last couple of days have been particularly fruitful on the wacky keyword front so thought I’d share a few with you, faithful readers:

- “are all cameras actually speed cameras” ….Probably not!  For instance, I’ve got an old Polaroid somewhere that I’m pretty sure isn’t one.

- “blog my struggle to get a training contract” Oh come on!  Chin up and all that.

- “is l.p.c a qualification in its own right” Just stop it! I don’t want this can of worms opened again. 

- “company law topics for dessertation”  Oh boy.  Your ‘dessertation’, eh?  Hmm… good luck with that one.

- “is the iphone good for law students” I don’t know.  Is it?  Either way, surely you’ve got something better to spend you money on.

And my absolute favourite:

- “what did charlotte dymond say as she died” I don’t know…  Ouch?

After ‘going to press’ I came across another couple of keyword brarmers.  I’m still trying to figure out why there are so many rich pickings at the moment.

- “sex in looe” I’m no huge fan of Looe, granted, but this search just seems to defile an innocent Cornish town.  Shame on you, you ‘smutty Googler’.  Or maybe they meant 'sex in lieu’.  The question then, of course, becomes, ‘in lieu of what?’ 

- “dissitation and breach of confidence and human rights article 8 and 10” OK, at the risk of stating the obvious, the fact you’re struggling with spelling ‘dissertation’ doesn’t bode too well for the prospects of you turning in a killer paper!  Far be it for me to ‘diss’ you though.  Or is that ‘dissit’?

- “the law on cameras in the toilet” Oh honestly!


  1. 'Dessertation' - it must be for some cooking course.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking much the same thing! :-D

  3. The very, very highest (by a good thousand or so percent) search query on my blog is "is law school hard."

    That's only slightly depressing really. It's something that gets only searched for a few times a day, but every day and that quickly adds up.

  4. Yeah, it's certainly depressing (on a number of levels) that people are googling that type of question.

    My two most popular search terms - neither of which are law related - are:
    "The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond" (or some variant thereof).
    "OGC logo"


  5. I love my stats name is clearly spelt on my blog but someone insisted on spelling it wrong until I blogged about it. They finally search the right name :D

  6. Weird. If they're such a regular visitor, you'd think they'd just bookmark your site, eh?

    I guess it goes to show some people's very odd surfing habits.

  7. I get quite worried about some of the things people search for and get to my blog. Examples include:

    is breach of the peace a crime?
    serious assault sentence scotland
    torture, good for the mind
    murder scotland sentence
    is it illegal to drive whilst high

  8. Yeah, I can quite see why Oliver. Still, at least they are all law related :-)

  9. Your update made me laugh... 'Dissitation' - priceless.

  10. P.s. Poonam - someone is always searching my blog by the wrong name too! They seem to search by 'Androids reminisces'.


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