Pre-Easter Update

LLm Assignment And I thought vacations were for a bit of downtime when work levels, you know, dropped off a bit. Now the Easter vacation has started proper, though, it seems I’m busier than ever.

In the run-up to the end of term, I had to complete an IT law paper, a Corporate Governance paper, a presentation for Corporate Governance and my dissertation synopsis. This was on top of the preparation required for seminars (though, I’d turned the revs down on that front for the final few weeks). Thankfully, I just about managed to get it all covered, although I had to take a rain check on the two remaining company law lectures. 

I have two IT law papers to complete, yet another one for Corp Gov and then, thank God, that’s it – except for the two exams and dreaded dissertation. On that note, I did opt for a title concerning the regulatory issues plaguing virtual worlds – pretty much exactly as I had intended from last October. In essence, it concerns examining the role criminal law can play. In the last week of term, I also scheduled a second last-minute dissertation meeting with the unit leader who gave my dissertation synopsis a resounding thumbs-up so I can relax somewhat on that front until the exams are over.

So Easter is looking like a busy period for the Michael. I’m hoping to pick up some overtime at work in the next couple of weeks which would bring a much welcome boost to my finances. I’ve also got to help out a former employer with a couple of projects in the next 3 weeks or so and, it’s just dawned on me, prepare for that final company law seminar in the first week back. After next month, I’ll be able to happily report that my tuition fees are fully paid and I don’t intend shelling out for any more courses in the foreseeable future. 

Perhaps most importantly, I also need to find time to get out and buy Quantum of Solace on DVD.


  1. Oh, how I miss writing essays, NOT!

    By the way, HMV offers free delivery in the UK :P

  2. Hehe.. yeah I'm sure you're glad to be well out of it.

    I was going to get QoS from Amazon, then I heard that Tesco was cheaper but have since remembered I have a WHsmith voucher to use up. I haven't shopped in 'Smiths' for years so might as well use it up on a Bond movie. Can't be bad.


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