You know it’s been a bad day when...

I found this tragically funny anecdote over at the Times in an interview with their ‘Lawyer of the Week’:

What was your worst day as a lawyer?

I was due to give a closing speech at Harrow Crown Court. As I got out of my car, I dropped the papers, stooped to pick them up, my glasses slipped off and I stepped on them. The only other pair I had were very large tinted sunglasses. I sought permission to address the jury wearing them, hoping the judge would refuse. He agreed. Despite my best efforts, the jury convicted.

Oh boy. Can you imagine it?barrister sunglasses


  1. The sunglasses look may have worked in LA! But I can't imagine how funny it must've been here.

    Good job on the photoshop ;)

  2. You don't fancy strutting your stuff in court wearing a pair then, Andro? :P

  3. Lol!! I would have loved to have been there!!

  4. Yeah, I'd have been in hysterics if I was sat on the jury.

  5. Great find. I like to think the shades were those huge ones with drill holes down the sides, in the style of Elvis in his Vegas years.

  6. This reminds me of two days before an EU resit I had my glasses stolen off me, the day before the exam I went to several opiticians trying to get a replacement on the same day!!!

    Damn glasses, and damn the fact that I can't have laser eye surgery!!

    Side note: Did you know that Lazerquest is illegal in Germany?

  7. Good one, BarBoy. I agree - it would have been all the funnier if the sunglasses in question were heavily 'blinged up'! :D

    Yeah that was certainly bad luck, Lost. I vaguely remember you telling the blawgosphere all about it last year. Hopefully the exams went OK though?!

    And re. your side note, no, I didn't realise Lazerquest was illegal in Germany. How about that!?

  8. Brilliant post.

    At least if it was the whole way through the trial, the jury could have thought he (she?) had a disability of some sort. At the end just baffles them!


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