Bing – Forget Search – it’s a ‘Decision Engine’


Having broken the habitual grip that Google held over me, I’ve been trying out Bing on and off in the past week or so and the results are considerably better than I’d anticipated.  Whatever you might feel about the credibility of Bing as a competitor to Google, though, Redmond’s new ad shows a level of humour creeping through that had previously been reserved for internal (or at least limited) audiences only.  Long may it continue.

Great stuff.


  1. Loved that advert. I'm still undecided really.

  2. Is it weird that bing reminds me of Chandler Bing from friends? Google is what I use, no bing for me, just yet!!

  3. Not weird Pooni - just quirky! :-)

    Bing is actually surprisingly good for certain types of searching - shopping for specific types of products for instance. Still, I don't think Google are quaking in their proverbials just yet.


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