Tattoos and Limb Losses

I stumbled across this howler the other day (to which I’ve made a couple of alterations) and couldn’t help being reminded of the strangely disturbing diagrams from the 19th century indicating the average damages awarded in respect of loss of limbs.what your tattoo says about you Limb Losses copy

For what it’s worth, I don’t have any ‘tats’ yet know without any doubt that my girlfriend would promptly leave me should I ever obtain one.   Thank God she’s got such good sense.


  1. Funny... the key to the places of the various tattoos mirror stereotypical views perfectly!

    I found the guide to damages slightly worrying.

  2. Tattoos suck! Piercing, on the other hand, doesn't. :D

  3. To think I really wanted a tattoo a while ago lol. Most of my friends who have one want it removed the year after!! So it's a no but the picture is too funny!!

  4. Well done on avoiding getting a tattoo, Pooni. You'll be thankful you exercised some restraint for the rest of your life!

    Glad you agree Andro. Sounds like you've got a lot of piercings... I won't ask where they all are! :p

  5. I would have gotten more, if I hadn't 'grown up'. The things you do when you're young.

    Although... you seem like a pretty risk-averse person, Michael :P

  6. Yeah, I'd say that's a remarkably astute analysis there, Andro. :p

    When I was about 7 or 8 I remember another kid saying to me, "you're too sensible, kid".

    I can't help my nature I guess. But I'm glad you said risk-averse. My GF usually refers to me as 'boring'. :-(

    BTW: I might go mad and get a nipple pierced for my birthday... not necessarily mine, tho! :p

  7. Never would've guessed you were into S&M, Michael. :p

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  9. Do you only get £500 for losing both hands if someone steals your hat as well?


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