More Wacky Search Terms

More Wacky Search Termslost training contract conviction” – What a bummer. Maybe I’m accentuating the positive here, but at least you were offered one! Better to have loved and lost than.... and all that!

is zune pass legall” Yes. Can you spell? No.

i'm techno and you're not” – All right... don’t rub it in!

my tennager's pretending to be a boy on the internet” – Holy Cow! And I thought I had problems. I take it your ‘tennager’ is a girl.... otherwise?

legal practice course secret” – Go on then.... tell us what it is. Still, stable doors and horses spring to mind.

llb worth it” – Probably not.

“is a llb worth it” – I refer you to my previous answer.

“law stuff” You know, just any old ‘law’ ‘stuff’.

“can a thief come in from roof?” I guess he can if he was suitably nimble. Or Spiderman.

“law student love life” – Slow, usually. Often non-existent (despite their fervent claims to the contrary).

“lawyer on a Dictaphone” – what is this, some kind of perverted menu?

“do people still use Dictaphones” – Yes, unfortunately.

“typical computer” – Base unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse.... usually with a bored office worker connected to it (or a teenager surfing for porn).

“lpc cornwall” – Oh come on – they’ve only just gas lighting.

“career prospects after lpc” – Let’s just say, don’t get your hopes up.

“ipod, i spilt water on mine” – Oh cripes. At least you didn’t put it through a spin cycle like muggings, though. Yes, it was pronounced dead at the scene.

“working law student” – A contradiction in terms if experience is anything to go by.

“hardworking law student” – Even rarer.

“typical charges computer service uk” – excessive, usually.

“funny computer wallpaper for law student” - Law Lord pulling a mooner? I don’t know.

“essential reading for first year uk law students” – Somebody’s keen! Save your energy would be my advice. You’ll probably need it coping with an excess intake of alcohol and nights of carefree unadulterated lustful shenanigans as a freshman. Well the booze part is usually correct.

“injury compensation eyebrow waxed” – well you can try it. You’re a glutton for punishment, though: waxing your eyebrows and placing yourself at the mercy of personal injury lawyer.

“is law still worth studying if you get bad grades” – No, to be quite frank, it’s not. Don’t look at me like that – it’s tough love, baby.

“lawactualty” – Oh please – do me a favour.

“examination question on competition law” – tricky usually. And I’ve just finished dealing with that baloney so leave it for now. Deal?

Quite who in Bulgaria is searching for “law atually” I don’t know. But thanks for swinging by.

“what to revise for law a2 exam” – I don’t know – maybe the content you’ve been studying all year. Just a thought.

“how to make law exam notes” – Try using your own initiative?

“lpc cricket blogspot” – Whatever floats your boat.

“is lpc exam an open book exam?” - Which exam would that be exactly? And there was me thinking the LPC drummed specificity and attention to detail into students.

“revise, law, exams, 1 month” - Plenty, of, time, I would, say. :p

“llb student revision notes” – make your own, lazy!

“is llm in commercial law worth it if have llb” – Wow. Go straight for the jugular, eh?! I’ll tell you the answer in a year or so I guess.

“how hard is law in uni?” - Oh, please! What do you expect me to say?

“what is so interesting about competition law” – Good question... I’m still racking my brains.

“mum mooning the camera” – Shame on her, I say!

“riam dean not telling truth” – I’m not saying anything.

“facebook friend request from former girlfriend” – ooh sounds complicated. Could get messy.

“who hates working at Abercrombie” – Quite a lot of you, it would seem.

“the law on the use of dictaphones at work” – Ah, this one I can answer: your first port of call should be the Occupational Sound Recording Devices Act of 1893 (as amended). As I remember, it’s complimented by the EU Acoustic Recording Devices at Work Regulation 2003. And of course, the leading case of “Suffering Colleague v Pompous Boss at Desk 2007 All ER 284” affirmed that anybody using a Dictaphone in the presence of others is extremely annoying.


  1. O deary me!! Those are so funny!! I need to dig mine out and check, I'm sure there are some very embarrassing ones in there lol

  2. Yeah, they're as wacky as ever. :D

  3. ha ha, excellent. Particularly love the totally random "mum mooning the camera" ?? lol

  4. Mine have calmed down of late,l they're just bog standard boring searches!

  5. LOL funny!!! How did you find out what people searched for to reach your blog?

  6. Waaaah!!! I just get people coming to look at all the pretty shiny pictures!!!

  7. Oliver: I noticed yesterday that someone had searched for "oliver smith solicitor".
    Interestingly, they were from Los Angeles.

    Looney - it's very easy with a tracking service. My 2 of choice are statcounter and google analytics.

    Minxy: I get quite a few hits via image searches - particularly my BBC computer image and 'green computing'.

    The things people search for, eh? :-$

  8. Great comments, funny as usual :D


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