Illegal Bakery Worker Needlessly Loses Arm

Bakery Danger From BBC News 11th June 2009:

A Spanish bakery accused of barbaric behaviour towards an illegal worker will face "the full weight of the law", the government has vowed.

The statement comes amid shock over the case of a Bolivian worker whose arm was cut off in an accident at work.

Bosses at the bakery in Valencia are accused of dumping him 100m (330 feet) from the hospital entrance and throwing the severed limb in a rubbish bin.

A Spanish trade union has lodged a complaint against the bakery.

The union - the Workers Commissions (CCOO) - claims that in the early hours of 28 May, the arm of Franns Rilles was severed in a kneading machine while he was working.

It was allegedly dumped in a rubbish bin and only discovered by police the following day, by which time it was too late to reattach it.

This one is a little tough to get your head around and the mystery is not helped by the fact that news reports do not make it clear whether the arm was (allegedly) discarded maliciously or by accident. Either way, it’s certainly odd to say the least; either someone at the factory bore quite a grudge or they’ve a hideously distorted sense of the meaning of rubbish.

In any event, the personal injury suffered by Mr Rilles is by no means the only pressing legal issue at play here:

Mr Rilles, 33, had worked 12-hour days at the bakery, earning 23 euros a day (£20; $32) under no contract, for about a year and a half, the union says.

Police are investigating allegations of mistreatment.


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