Serif Shooting

who shot the serif


Came across this gem via Digg last week which I found worryingly amusing.  I’m putting my currently distorted sense of humour down to the stress and tedium that is LL.M revision.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Michael.  :-/


  1. There are times, My Dear Michael, when I worry about you. Not MANY, I grant you, but there are times..........

  2. Stress does weird things to the brain I swear. I get fits of laughter over nothing at the moment, I'm passing it off as stress and boredom rather than insanity (just hoping everyone else is convinced).

  3. I laughed.

    That's it, I have finally lost it.

  4. I blame the weather, meself.

  5. I laughed Michael! But then again...I need to get out more. I've been making realy bad jokes about the Solicitor's Code of Conduct and linking them in with a certain 'Fonejacker' character. Nobody got it. I put it down to exam stress.

    Good luck with the revision.


    P.s. Is it sad that I almost shouted "I shot the Serif" back to the screen?

  6. I've had the song in my head all day as a result of this post.


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