Exam Season is Over

exam hall desk 13 Yes, it’s finally finished and I can put the trauma of LL.M exams firmly behind me. My final exam (competition law) went fairly well with only one distinct curveball (I guess the cricket equivalent ‘googly’ would be more appropriate here) in the 3 questions I tackled. As per my plan, the desired questions in the desired format all came up on vertical restraints, abuse of a dominant position and refusals to supply.

I was somewhat perturbed, though, to discover that I was going to be sitting my final exam at desk 13 (unlucky for some). I’m not a particularly superstitious person but I have to admit that it had a slightly unsettling effect on me, albeit for a few minutes. Perhaps exam halls should omit the number 13 when labelling desks, if only to appease the more superstitious candidates out there. For instance, hotels often avoid numbering a room ‘13’ and Formula One skip the number 13 when numbering the cars for the season, though there is a P13 grid slot of course.

So I’ll be enjoying some downtime after a very hectic LLM schedule, and I’m heading back home to Cornwall next week. Hopefully, I’ll get a couple more fishing trips in when I’m down there.

Sadly, that’s where the good news ends, though; I realised the other day that I’m working the evening of my birthday. Damn.


  1. Congratulations!! How does it feel? My birthday is soon too, hopefully I can book it off, do not want to be working on my birthday...although another year older won't be making me very happy!!

  2. Congrats on finishing :)

    13 is a weird number, they frequently also omit 13 when numbering houses and flats as they have trouble selling them. A friend had her house on the market for a year as 13, changed it to 12A and it sold instantly. Weird.

    Happy birthday also :) xx

  3. Thanks everyone. Just to confirm, my birthday isn't until next week. :-)

  4. You fooking freak - go and celebrate rather than being stuck on the internet. I'd be shocked if this blog had more than 10 viewers. Can there be any interest at all in your self-centred twittering. Give up. Get a real job stacking shelves and f00k off.

  5. Anonymous: You're a card. That real job you mention, is that with, you know, a 'commercial entity'? :p

    You trooper.


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