Monday, 8 February 2010

Graduation Time

I've got my graduation for my LLM coming up next week which should be interesting.  Personally, I don't think that holding it in the depths of winter is a great idea – and is causing my GF no end of trouble when trying decide on her outfit.  

I remember graduation time last year and just what disruption it caused: my competition seminar had to decamp over to the maths faculty at the far-flung reaches of the campus as our usual room had been suddenly made-over as a photo studio.  There were people milling about every which way and getting anywhere within the law school was a huge struggle.

It seems strange to have the ceremony so long after the degree was, to all intents and purposes, done and dusted. Things have moved on considerably since I submitted my dissertation last September: we've moved house, I've a new job, am thoroughly out of 'student mode' and, well, my LLM seems like a distant memory.  But a very pleasant one.

We went back into my university city yesterday on a shopping spree. One of the shops was virtually next to the law school so it was the first time I'd been 'back on track' as it were, since exam period last summer.  Walking that route brought back a lot of good memories from my LLM.  :D

I was thinking a while back, if I'd do it all again - knowing what I know now.  To go through the pain, hassle and sacrifice; trying to fit the endless studying around my part-time job at the time; the extra expense; the added stress. 

In fairness, though, it didn't take a whole lot of thinking about.  Of course I'd do it again!

Like a shot!!  :D


  1. Winter really does make picking an outfit difficult... can completely sypmathise with your gf on that one. Hope you have a brilliant graduation ceremony next week! Goodluck :)

  2. I've just finished three weeks of hell on my LLM course, glad to hear I might one day consider it all worth it. For now, I'm going to catch up on sleep...

    Have fun!

  3. Enjoy! You have worked hard for it:-)

  4. MZ - like many things, looking back the journey isn't so bad. I tend not to focus too much on graduation; it always seems like such an anti-climax!

    BM: Thanks... it certainly was a struggle at times last year.

  5. We had our ceremony a year after the BVC!

    I hope you have a great time next week :)