Legal Reality TV

I'm a solicitor - get me out of here Just a few ideas for legally themed reality TV shows:

Strictly Come Advocacy

So You Think You Can Litigate

I'm a Solicitor.... Get Me Out of Here.

Total Wipeout: Lawyer Edition (... I suspect this would give the general public no end of joy, seeing lawyers suffer a miserable and ignominious beating).

Advocacy on Ice

Law Idol

The Law Factor ... hmm, good name for a blog there.

Lawyer Academy

Negotiation: Deal or No Deal

Any others??


  1. The Open University has recently kinda done Lawyer Academy in the form of shadowing trainee barristers. It's clearly the thin edge of the wedge.

  2. Wow... I wasn't actually aware of that.... like you say, thin edge of the wedge! :-/

  3. Stephen, are you talking about "The Barristers" on BBC? Good program that was ;D

    I like those names, Michael.

  4. Yeah, I'm talking about The Barristers. I agree, I thought it was a good way to do legal reality TV.

    I think the alternative way of doing that one would be a show titled "Who Wants To Be a BVC Graduate?" which could inspire a critically acclaimed Bollywood movie and would be directed by Danny Boyle.

  5. I like the idea of "So You Think You Can Litigate" and "Negotiation: Deal or No Deal". A Big Brother house special full of lawyers might be interesting too!

  6. Who Wants To Be a BVC Graduate? Sounds like a great idea.

    Presumably, following TV producer's habitual tendency to beat a *perceived* good idea to death, the presenter of that show would return after several years with a re-hashed game show entitled, 'The Colour of Lawyers'.

    Poor Chris T... he never stood a chance with that one did he.


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