graduation I graduated on Wednesday (about 15.15 local time :p)!! It turned out to be a very nice ceremony, despite having our eardrums blasted to pieces by some slightly over-zealous organ playing.

The weather was pretty crappy but I guess it was a good day on the whole – it’s certainly one that I’ll remember for a long time to come. Most importantly, it reminded me of a bunch of great memories and, as I said before, I’d go back and do the LL.M again like a shot.

As so much time has passed between submitting my dissertation and graduating, I thought I’d put my LL.M experience all behind me.  But having been through the ceremony, I seems slightly surreal now to think it’s finally all over.

And slightly sad, too.

**Update** Also, I should have mentioned that the graduation goody bags we received were slightly disappointing but maybe I shouldn’t grumble.   :-)


  1. Congratulations! You got a goody bag?! We never got that :(

  2. Thanks, Pooni! :-)

    The bags are quite nice - it's a canvassy affair with I *heart* (my uni city).

    I think we've already earmarked it for grocery shopping. But it just contained various issues of the Alumni magazine.

  3. Congrats, Michael!

    Are you going to put the photies on facebook? :P

  4. Congrats!! Jealous of your goodie bag. :P


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