Thursday, 25 February 2010

Law Actually Search Terms

wacky search terms jan and feb 2010 copy"burst llm 2008" - seriously, how can you burst an LLM?

"llb law cheats" - Nothing like obtaining your degree on merit, is there?

"flying busicuit and lawsuits" - Oh please.

"what can i do with a lousy law degree" - hehe... don't be so defeatist.

"advice on setting up personal injury firm" - How about don't?

"snuggie injury" - Well I guess you could trip on it, set fire to it, start choking on it... but you'd have to more or less try you hardest to do one of the above.

"highways agency problems" - too numerous to document I suspect.

"personal injury lawyers bite my butt" - wow.  Just hope they didn't bill you for it.

"how many ipods in washing machines" - Well just 1, personally.  I kind of learnt my lesson after that and I suspect that most other people do the same.

“are people who own fountain pens lawyers” - yeah, everybody else just rents them!  :-|

"(abercrombie or a&f) and (jeans or shirt or jacket or sweaters or polo or pant or skirt or shorts or camis or dress or tee or t-shirt)" - Ho-ly cow!  Surely there's a more efficient way of searching?!?

"abercrombie and fitch topless assistants london door" Sounds like I should head up to A&F pretty sharpish! ;-)

"law students are annoying" - you're telling me!!

"funny legal jargin phrases" - Can't beat a bit of ‘jargin’.

“how much of the windscreen do i have to clear” - More than this.

“santa claus legality” – Oh I give up!

“has studying law changed your perceptions about the law” - No, I was always a cynic from birth.  I’ve got a perpetual glass half empty approach to law.

“x-ray vision laws” – There’s probably a couple of articles floating about in the Cretins and Halfwits Law Review (C.H.L.R).

“how to cheat for exams with statute book” – work it out for yourself.

“laws regulating strawberries” – I’m speechless.

”talk to law students on conveyancing practice” – An alternative to counting sheep I suppose.

“law dessrtations for undergraduates” - oh boy. we've got a right one here.

“how to get semen out of pillow” – oh Lord.

"hur får jag sarkmark i min pc" - Man kan klicka här .  Oh it brings my Swedish flooding back!  :D


  1. LOL, just proves you're not as boring as you think :P

  2. If you say so, Pooni :p

    Still, I seem to attract all of the wack-job readers floating about out there!

  3. I'm laughing out loud, Michael! Great comments :)))

  4. The things people type into a search box... honestly. :)