Left-handed ridicule

leftie graphBeing a leftie myself, I’ve long had to suffer the ridiculous and trite comments that people make when they see you’re left handed. 

So I can certainly relate to this graph which I stumbled across on Digg but, for me, the most frequent response I hear is:

“oh, so you’re a leftie/left-handed, then?”

To which I usually reply something like:

There’s no getting past you, is there?” or “only on Tuesdays and Thursdays” or something equally ridiculous.

I’ve never considered myself a fully-fledged leftie, though.  I write with my left hand, am a left handed sportsman (except when I try and pick a fight because the game didn’t go my way) but I’ve always used scissors in my right hand and a computer mouse.

Of course, this doesn’t make me ambidextrous – just a bit mixed-up and awkward, I guess.  As my music-come-cricket teacher used to describe me, “right handed musician, left handed bat". 

I wasn’t much use at either though.  Perhaps I should have swapped around!!


  1. Wait... Are you left-handed?! :O

  2. My mum's left handed !! :P

  3. Andro, err, yes - I am!!! :-)

  4. You're left handed?! :O my cousin is the only leftie out of all us cousins and I have to admit, we all take the mickey. She feels 'left' out lol.

  5. I'd suggest mixing it up by responding to this by denying all connection to your left hand once in a while - even to the point of claiming you lost it in an childhood swing related accident if necessary, eg:

    "Are you left handed?"
    "No, I couldn't be, it's very sad"

    If this doesn't convince the questioner of the benefits of accepting the evidence of their own eyes nothing will.

  6. LOL - good one. I knew someone as an undergrad who used that kind of tactic everytime someone cold-called him. It was particuarly funny when a phone company called trying to sell him a 'better deal' and he was adamant that he didn't have a phone, nor did he use one!! :D


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