Dirty Legal Tactics

From DirtyLawndry 23/03/09:

“For quite a few months now, someone’s lunch has gone missing at least a couple times a week. It gets annoying when you bring your lunch from home only to have to buy lunch when you’re trying to save money. Apparently, one of the attorneys here has had this happen to him one time too many. He brought in a decoy lunch and laced it with laxatives in an attempt to catch the lunch bag thief. Once, we heard groaning from the mens’ room, we knew that his plan worked. We are now rid of the lunch bag thief.“

dirty legal tacticsThis particularly caught my eye as there have been a couple of instances in the last few weeks of lunch-theft which has understandably generated a fair amount of bitching in the office. Bizarrely, it’s involved frozen pizza and some kind of frozen fish pie – not exactly the items you can grab, gobble and go. Maybe we should each take a dummy lunch in, laced with nasties – and pray there isn’t a mix-up!


  1. Just keep your lunch with you at all times. I keep mine at home, for instance. ;D

  2. Sounds like a great idea!

    I once had my lunch stolen from the office fridge, which was a leftover sandwich and chips from the day before. The disturbing thing was I had already taken a bite out of the sandwich before I put it in the fridge. Seriously, who eats someone else's lunch, when they've obviously already put their mouth on it? (They left most of the chips though, they were all soggy and gross by that point).

  3. Are you sure it wasn't thrown away by a cleaner?

  4. That's a good question... in my case, the person brought the food in in the morning and it was gone around lunchtime... and the cleaners only come in in the evenings!


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