Women’s Magazine Cover Recipe

Stumbled across this gem via Digg earlier:

“One part Cosmo, one part Vogue, one part Glamour, mix with two parts “Hate yourself and your body”, and VOILA.”

women's magazine cover recipe

Love it!!!  :D


  1. Funny but do seriously wonder how you find these bizarre things!

  2. Love it!! :)

  3. AW, it was on the front page of digg => http://digg.com/

    on the right hand side under the top in all topics section, entitled, "ladies, this is what we're actually reading."

    I'm really *not* as perverted as you seem to think!! :-)

  4. I'm not sure if AW was talking about you being perverted... This is a girly joke. ;P

    Or did I hear you talking about 'coming out' yesterday? ;D

  5. Oh, I see... that's very mean. :p

    Maybe I'm just in touch with my feminine side! ;-)

  6. Just to be clear... I wasn't insinuating anything!

  7. Hmmm... maybe not, though I think Andro was! :-)

  8. Ha...I particularly like the chop off your leg strapline!


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