Wacky Keywords – May 2010 – Part 2

law actually keywords part 2 The second batch…

“how to be ethical lawyer” - Oh please, do me a favour! There’s no such thing.

“uk market llb” - in a word, saturated.

“thong bikini advice” – how about a wax job on  the ol’ chassis first?

“anyone heard from pupillage portal” - nope, if you’re hearing voices, it’s probably NOT the portal.

“law toilet seat” - You came to the right place: I took a module in toilet seat law as an undergrad!  ;-)

“gross personal habits men blowing nose on hands” - Had to be done before Mr
Kleenex had that brainwave of his.

“the best way to be a good studier without trying too hard” - mind bending drugs.

“how to cram for LLB exam” - oh deary.

“ladies using the gents urinals you tube” -  You pervert.  

“one day left to revise can i pass my exam law” - I think we both know the answer.  And is ‘passing; your only objective?  What happened to doing well.

“18 inch llm - wow” – All right – there’s no need to boast! ;-)

“primark was sewed for 7 yr old padded bikinis” - interesting means of retribution against the executive board.  Hope they used dissolvable stitches!  ;-)

“how to behave if a cow attacks you” - like a gentleman!  It works every time!  :-)

“why I am suitable for law” - I don't know.  Have you tried asking your mother?  :p

“yahoo pervs” - I know... thank God Google doesn’t suffer with the same problem.  Oh wait...

“applied to lots of law placements and cant get one. why?” The market’s saturated.  Or you’re possibly just crap.  Oh come on - don’t look at me like that!

“find seat belt blogs” - wow... what an anorak! 

“is there a law about blowing your nose” - I know the previous government got a bit trigger happy and were legislating here, there, everywhere.  But even they didn’t go quite that far.

“how to win a training contract” - I heard ROF is running a lucky dip next week (and have you tried looking on eBay?)

“office brunette driving moped” - are you turning to Google for help in stalking her?  ;-)

“how the law profession works as compared to television and movies” - much more boring and tedious; lawyers aren’t that good looking and have much less sex!  Next?

“is it okay to read only important cases in law student uk?”
Nope, you must read the unimportant ones, too.

"i'm singing with my laptop” - whatever keeps you amused, dear.

“northern ireland rta pedestrian case drunk side of car” - if only you hit him with the sober side of your car, eh?  :p

“any point in getting llm in corporate law” -If you’re Googling a question like that, I’d say you shouldn’t bother tbh.

“help me pass my LLB. exams" - you know things are dire when you're appealing and pleading to Google to help you pass your exams!!


  1. Mike, how do you find these out?

  2. Ben,

    It's pretty simple really. :-) I just use a web tracker (and insert the relevant code into the blog template). I use StatCounter and Google Analytics - both of which are excellent!


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