New Life in the ‘Sphere

new life in the blawgosphereGiven that it’s been a while since I’ve documented any newcomers to the blawgosphere, I thought it was high time I did something about that.  I’ve serendipitously discovered a bunch of new blogs over the past few of weeks, plus I received an email out of the blue which highlighted 3 more.  Hopefully, seasoned members of the inner sanctum of blawgers will find these new offerings well worth checking out.

Anyway, in no particular order:


With a penchant for the colour pink and kisses at the end of each post, Barb seems to possess the requisite quirkiness to quickly become an accepted member of inner sanctum of UK blawgers.  She describes herself as,

“[a] mature student who was recently forced to give up a part-time job and had a vague dream of being a lawyer when 16, ignored it and did everthing [sic] else instead. Somehow landed on planet GDL but now on the new planet, BVC.” 

Bar-Barella’s posts are regular if infrequent, although that seems to be increasingly the norm in the ‘sphere these days.  Refreshingly down-to-earth, Barb adopts a no-nonsense approach and says it like it is.  I think she’ll fit in just fine!  Final point, no blawgroll  as yet, Barb.  Nudge, nudge; wink, wink!  ;-)

A British Law Student

By describing his blog as, “the mad rantings of a wannabe Barrister,” I guess ABLS is not exactly reinventing the wheel in his approach to blawging.  Straightaway, though, you sense that ABLS is something of an old-skool law student blog which were oh-so common in 2007 but alas, not anymore.  Sadly, his postings are not particularly frequent, either, but in this new modern era of blawging – where less is truly more – that’s to be expected.  It also hopefully means that rather than burning up on the launch pad like a dodgy space shuttle a la Obiter, Lacunae etc., he’ll be around for a while yet.

Garrulous Law

GL doesn’t seem to quite fit the standard UK law student blog mould. That’s by no means a bad thing; it’s just there’s a slight feeling of it being cobbled together. Despite having been about for the last 6 months - and boasting the domain name -, you get the sense that GL is still finding his sense of direction, too.  That said, his multi-facetted approach should mean there’s something for everybody - particularly if you’ve an acquired taste for parody.  I’m sure, like any good blawg, GL will mature like a fine wine and get better and better with age.

Bleak Flat

Describes himself as, “a final year law student, trying to creep into the profession” - presumably in the hopes of whisking a training contract or pupillage away from under his peers’ noses.  Bleak Flat Legal Blog (BFLB) sports a clean and polished interface, with posts of more or less the perfect length.  If his posting frequency stepped up a notch, he’d likely be vying for the ‘best newcomer’ award in Minxy’s blawgies.

Your Law Student

Legally your average law student? I think so...”
I’m liking some of the creative taglines that this new bevy of blawgers have come up with and Ben’s is no exception!  (Yes, that’s another Ben - I smell a conspiracy!!)  To be frank, though, YLS has suffered a bit of a faltering start in  the ‘sphere and his posts are anything but frequent.  Nonetheless, Ben has had the good sense to link to Law Actually, which more or less justifies his inclusion in this round-up.  From the few posts there are, it’s obvious Ben’s tastes in blogging subjects are varied, which is always a good thing.  Unsurprisingly, he’s another would-be barrister, soon to be joining that ever-lengthening queue, begging for a pupillage with his bowl out.

Little Tiny Pieces

Not exactly a blawg per se but what the heck!  Little Tiny Pieces, written by devout Conservative Gemma, is arguably Britain’s answer to Caitlin Oppermann - albeit with less cursing.  With a strong emphasis of photography, a quick visit to LTP can provide that creative fix that all blawgers need from time to time - particularly those of an artistic temperament.  Gemma cuts a distinctly arty style that makes for a refreshing entry in my RSS reader and I’m sure it will yours, too.  I initially discovered Tiny Little Pieces through Twitter and was slightly perturbed to discover, as with another blog I recommended last year, she’s a nail varnish connoisseur.  However, rest assured, there’s no chance Gemma will follow in Pink Pop Polka Pimple’s tracks and descend into neck-high cosmetic farce.  Overall, a great new entry to the ‘sphere and comes highly recommended.  All she’s missing now is a link to Law Actually!  ;-)

The Anonymous Prosecutor

Is the blawg of a CPS lawyer which cuts a slightly maverick and quirky style – something which should been seen as a distinct positive.  AP is close to its first birthday, having been around since July ‘09 and thankfully there are few worrying signs so far.  Down-to-earth, bordering on self-deprecating, this blawg is very much of case of being exactly what it says on the tin. AP provides a fascinating insight into the working life of a CPS lawyer and the news, more often than not, is bad rather than good.  I somehow sense AP is a bit of a cynic, which, as I’m sure will come as no surprise to you, faithful reader, suits me just fine.  ;D

Justice of the Peace

A blawg that could well end up rivalling Charon QC – particularly given the voluminous posts and taste for parody.  Readers will find a lot of hardcore news blurbs, commentary and analysis which should hit the spot for most, though your mileage may vary.  Posting frequency is through the roof which I guess makes up for some of our less prolific newcomers!  All in all, a great new entry. 

Bad Boy Barrister

There are strong undertones of Geeklawyer here – albeit without *quite* so much of the X-rated language.  BBB certainly sounds a bit of a card judging by his description: “Disillusioned, disenfranchised and dysfunctional Criminal Barrister. Did I mention undervalued, underpaid and undersexed..”
BBB cuts a distinctive figure which starts right from the old-skool minima black and red blawg theme, which is, if nothing else, highly individualistic.   With only a couple of posts to his name,  BBB might have a way to go yet, but his offering is unusual and highly promising one.  While the jury’s still out at present as to whether BBB is, as the author himself suggests, the definitive barrister blog, I do believe that BBB, could shape up nicely in the months ahead.  His SEO trick at the bottom is also a touch unnerving, though.  As I said out-loud on first seeing it, “well, that’s one way of going about it!”. 

So there you have it.  If there are any other newcomers in the sphere that I’ve missed, please let me know.  We need all the fresh blood we can get.


  1. Good coverage! :)

    You forgot to mention 'Ups and Gowns' ( and a number of links aren't working... ;D

  2. Thanks for the tip-off Andro. I'll add ups and gowns and maybe review it the next time.

    All links should be working now! :-)

  3. Its amazing how many blogs I actually miss/overlook/fail to read - perhaps thats bacause the nature of the ether is essentially transient; many start blogging with the very best of intentions but life gets in the way along with a fall off in enthusiasm. These are all good blogs, but I would say that JP's blog would have to go a long way to match that of Bystander JP. Ether way, I hope they all last because they make interesting initial reading!!

  4. Yeah, you're absolutely right, Minxy - it's such a shame the 'sphere has such a high attrition rate.

    Still, for as long as there is a relatively rich supply of new blood, I guess the 'sphere can just about cope. Still, I miss the 'old days' sometimes. :-)

    BTW, Curious Black Cat has been ominously quiet of late. :-(

  5. So she has - and so has Mel, over at a girl walks into a bar - but then I wonder if the latters silence is due to the fact that she's grabbed herself a pupillage?

  6. Who knows on that one, Minxy. :-$

    Uni Loony removed his blog in January, I fear we've seen the last of Lacky. Also, Obiter, Lacunae, Mad Law Student, Alan Plawtridge, Templar, Wigging Out... the list goes on.

    BTW, are the (now legendary) Minxy 'Blawgies' still on later this summer? :-)

  7. excellent list michael - a couple there I hadn't come across yet.

    Now my dilemma is whether to put Little tiny pieces of my arty/photography blog list or my Law student blawg list :S

  8. Thanks for mentioning my blog (Garrulous Law). The main reason it's feeling a bit cobbled-together is that I'm a GDL student (for the next few weeks at least) and haven't really had the time available to write and code properly. The design of the site will improve over the summer when I get a bit of time to sit down and code it properly: it's running on much the same set-up as my other blog, but needs a bit of time to find its feet and "branch out".

    They're all valid criticisms, but I thought I'd just let you know why the blog is as it is. Thank you for the mention.


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