Personal Injury… in the Wild

From Total Injury Blog (found via Digg):

Personal injuries don’t just happen on icy patches of sidewalk. Every year, thousands of people across the world are seriously injured and even killed by the wild creatures of the animal kingdom. Animal attacks may be more common than you think.

Check out these stats on personal injury in the wild and see which animal attacks are the most dangerous. Also, learn about domestic dog attacks, dangerous aquatic animals and what to do when you encounter a grizzly bear.

wild animal personal injury infographic(Click for larger image)

I’d never really thought of wild animals being part of the PI compensation culture problem before – and for good reason: they’re not.  I don’t think anyone – save for Michael* over at Total Injury – is suggesting the answer to man meeting a dangerous wild animal and coming off worst is to be found by suing said animal.  Good luck with that one, Michael!  ;-) 

Still, the US have probably witnessed a fair few actions brought against dangerous critters.  It’s a jurisdiction prone to frivolity after all!

There’s no doubt it’s an interesting infographic – if only for the cans of grizzly bear repellent.  I’m currently trying to patent a similar substance for use against ex girlfriends for what it’s worth.  We’re moving to the clinical trial stage soon, so if there are any willing volunteers out there, you know, feel free to get in touch.

*And yes, the similarity in names is an unfortunate coincidence and, for the record, it’s definitely not me.


  1. "Don't get grizzled by a grizzly"

    That's pretty awesome advice, I'm definitely going to bear that in mind.

  2. Definitely... no one wants to be grizzled, that's for sure. :-)

  3. Very Funny Post- love the image too. I'll wait for the phones to start ringing with claimants looking to sue a snake ;)

  4. What a crazy blog post, who have thought mosquitos were more dangerous to us than lions. I'll have to be more careful when I'm outside otherwise i'll be the person down McKeowns solicitors with a personal injury claim lol


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