Another July – Another Law Minx Bloggies?

Last July, the sphere’s inimitable Law Minx organised the first ‘bloggies’ ceremony, in which she awarded different awards to the blawgosphere’s more distinguished members for their ‘contributions to blawging’. Or something like that. Others prefer to think of it is as the blawgosphere’s answer to the Oscars. Whatever – we all got a badge and bunch of praise. Can’t be bad!

However, as everybody knows, Minxy has been largely absent over the last 10 months or so after fighting a long illness, though she made a much-welcomed return a couple of months ago. The question now, of course, is whether the bloggies will be held again this year.

It’d be nice to think there would be another bunch of awards for 2010. So,  Minxy – how about it?


Oh yeah, which reminds me, does anybody know what happened to Curious Black Cat?


law bloggies


  1. How about you 'host' the ceremony this year? :P

    Oh God, that smiley is awful! ;D

  2. I did think about it, but thought Minxy might feel like I was stepping on her toes. I might suggest it to her. :-\

    I was thinking that there should be some kind of nomination process though. Or is that too complicated?

    I thought that smiley was nice... it was certainly the least offensive of the bunch I could have chosen. Which says a lot for the rest, I guess! ;-)

  3. On a second thought, the smiley isn't too bad. It's just the new live writer I don't like!

    Nominations? Cooooool! :D

  4. It'll be nice if Minxy does it again this year... wonder if she'll create a "The-Sleazy-yet-Romantic-optimist-turned-Dating-Guru" blawggie?!

    As to CBC, she is well and I hope she'll return to blogging soon...

  5. hehe... and who would you nominate for that award, AW? :p

    If we *were* going to do nominations, we could use surveymonkey (or something similar).

    I think for each of the awards, there should be 5 or so blogs which are nominated.

    hmmm... I'll mention it to Minxy.

  6. Do you REALLY need to ask me that question, Michael?! ;P

  7. Well I thought perhaps it *could* have been me, but seeing as the word 'sleazy' featured in there, thought it couldn't possibly be! :p

  8. Maybe the word "distinctive" should have been in there... would have made made it that little bit clearer! :P

  9. Now I feel bad... that was just a bit mean.

    Have a nice day :)

  10. hehe... you meanie! :p

    Yes, I can see I'm going to regret using that word for a long time! :-\

  11. My Dear Michael

    You would most certainly not be stepping on my toes if you wished to host the blawggies - I wish I'd read this post before I emailed you! ( d'oh!) Somehow I think if you were to host such an AUGUST event, it would be extremely prestigious because it would be utterly democratic, the awards bieng established by popular vote!!

  12. i wanna be nominated in the 'least visited blog' category.

    and let's make sure there are enough categories that everyone wins one.

    ooooh oooh! where will we hold the awards dinner?

  13. SW: Minxy and I are currently trying to figure out the best format... an announcement is due shortly! :p

    Interesting idea for a blawggie category, though!

    Another thought was that the awards ceremony could be held on Twitter one evening - for those tweeters among us. That way, winners could receive their award in real time and give an acceptance speech (albeit limited to 140 characters)! ;-)

    Then Minxy, I, or both of us perhaps, can host the full results on our blogs...

    ... still figuring out the details.

  14. Or we could arrange a telephone hearing, I mean, conference through BT. ;D

    OK, I'm going ;D

  15. sniffle ... sob ... gasp ... oh mygod i'm err i just ...i can't believe i ... sob sniffle ... i didn't ... this is just so ... most of all i wanna thank someone without whom none of this would have been possi

    twitter acceptance speech

  16. oooh I've missed a lot. Sounds like this will turn into an interesting development this year :)

  17. SW, don't forget - it has to be in no more than 140 characters!

  18. while we're on the subject, any ideas why the minx is password only today?

  19. No idea SW... but got an email that said "the blog has been closed for the forseeable future". Hope it opens up again soon.

  20. Hmmm... yeah, I'm not sure either. I've noticed in the past that Minxy sets her blog to subscribers only but then opens it up again at a later point.

    ... I'm sure all will be revealed given time.

  21. and.... she's back. some nonsense about severe illness i think. pah!


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