Who will YOU nominate for the 2010 Blawggies?

blawggies 2010 nominationsYes, brace yourselves everyone… the nominations have now opened for the illustrious Blawggies 2010!

Minxy, Andro and I have been hard at work to put together the first publicly-nominated awards for the UK blawgosphere.

We’ve settled on a number of awards which we’d ultimately like the distinguished members of the blawgosphere to vote on.  However, before that, we need to decide on the shortlist of nominees for each award.

The awards are:

Best Newcomer

Best Design

Best Blawging Regular

Best Supporting Role (i.e. commentators only).

Best Legal Commentary

Triumph over Adversity

Blawg of the Year

Services to Blawging Award

We’ve tried to keep the rules short and simple:

Please keep nominations relevant and please do NOT vote for your own blawg.

To help prevent a whitewash, please do NOT nominate the same blawg for more than 2 categories.

If you’re finding it tough to recall the blawging ‘newcomers’ (i.e. pretty much anyone who’s sprung up in the ‘sphere over the last 12 months), you can check out a couple of review posts I’ve done, here and here.

So, please head on over to our nominations survey when you can quickly and easily submit the names of blawgs you’d like to see in the running for a fabulous blawggie in next month’s ceremony.

The nominations survey will remain open for 2 weeks, closing on 12th August.


  1. Yes, I quite like it too. Thought about nicking it for my post on the topic, but then I realized I could not afford the costs of litigation.

  2. I'm kinda liking the new set of paralegal blogs... can there be a category for the best one of those?! Paralegal Hell is particularly hilarious!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ignore me... my brain is too tired to make any sense.

  5. Yes! I vote to have a category for Paralegal Blogs, since mine is all kinds of awesome :)

    Thanks AW

    Paralegal Hell


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