Calling all first year law students.... start a blawg!

blawgosphere needs you

Thrill us with your innocence of law school and your insatiable thirst for the excitement of your first year at uni. Let us reminisce with tales of your impropriety - comprising of drunken brawls, lascivious sex and those lectures you attended so hung over, your brain was more or less pickling itself inside your aching head.

Share with us your pernicious money-worries, self-loathing over the prospect of having to whore yourself out to pay your rent for the rest of the semester, spiteful drinking games that seemed such a good idea at the time, quirky student diets and those hideous do-or-die moments when it seems like everything in the world hinges on your getting that assignment in on time.

Remind us of the pain relating to that ever-growing pile of 'required reading', seemingly impossible deadlines and those crises of confidence leading you to question just how much of a great idea studying law actually was.

Let us feel your anguish in finding out that the lovely person you just ‘spent the night with’ is a notorious ‘regular’ at the local GUM clinic, as well as that awful period of waiting to see if your room in halls of residence will pass inspection, notwithstanding the fairly prominent vomit stain that now resides just inside the door.

Think of it as your duty to posterity to document the fledgling steps in your career in law.  It'll make a fascinating journal to look back on, will give us poor fools who have to work all week, a darned good laugh and will give the blawgosphere the shot in the arm it desperately needs.

So, please, soon-to-be law students - do your duty to the fraternity of law students out there and start a blawg today!


  1. Oi, all you law students, you heard the man, Jump TO it!!!

    ( its the most fun you can have with all your clothes on!!

    (PS: pay no attention to me, I am a very sad individual - but dont let that put you off spilling the beans on your personal Paper Chase to the masses!!)

  2. Hahaha I wish I could start a blog from my first year again.

    Unfortunately I think I have let my blog become too personal, which is why I hardly update it anymore!

    Suggestions on how to change this oh mighty Law Actually?

  3. Michael... you seem more and more fatherly as each day passes. You do love finding newbies and taking them under your ever-expanding wing. Bless! ;)

    I miss Uni life and would love to hear some entertaining stories too... so all you law students, start a blog!

  4. Thanks for echoing my rallying call, Minxy. Maybe someone will hear? :-)

    Lost, I don't think your blog has become too personal. Also, I don't think you've revealed too much to make backtracking to relative anonymity a possibility but if *you* feel you have (which is what matters, I guess) how about starting a new blog with an alter ego?

    I've never been described as fatherly before, AW, but you're right about me loving discovering new blawgs. :-) As I've said repeatedly before, I think I just care *too much* for the blawgosphere! :p

  5. I started my blog in my last year at uni, and, boy, was I naive then! ;D So yeah, do it, now! ;D

  6. I agree! I actually did start mine right before law school, and reading about how exciting it all was for me still makes me smile.

  7. I didn't start mine properly until LPC. Oh to go back and do it again through my degree... oh what fun that would be... although I think it would have been mostly cheerleading, crazy nights out and probably no law school.

    Don't miss your chance - blog it, and enjoy it.

  8. Michael - "Fatherly" was probably the wrong word... you're more big-brotherly! x

  9. This is hysterical! I didn't start blogging until my 2L year and I wish I had your call to arms on my first day of 1L. If only I had known I would have so much debauchery to document, so many people to judge, and so much complaining to do...

  10. I've started a blog, and I've just finished my first year of a non-law degree... I'm convinced I want to be a Barrister... perhaps I'm just mad, or deluded?

  11. I wish there were more Australian blawg's!! Mine feels like the only one :-(

  12. Obiter - great job... I've added you to my blawgroll! :-)


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