Spread the blawgin’ lovin’

summer blawgin lovin

Somewhat uncharacteristically, I’m intending to shrug off my negativity and accentuate the positive over the next few weeks with my new spread the blawgin’ lovin’ campaign. I know I’m often seen to bemoan the state of the blawgosphere – mostly with good reason – but I’m going to force myself to be chipper and perky, seeing only good in the world. Or something like that.

Also, summer tends to be a bit of a slow time in blogging circles so I feel we could all use whatever positive vibes we can lay our hands on.

So here’s the agenda:  I’ll be starting with a ‘call to arms’ for new legal bloggers to come forward and feel the blawgin’ love’, before progressing onto some probing interviews with key players in the ‘sphere today. The campaign will culminate sometime next month in the illustrious and sparkling Blawggies 2010, which, in Minxy’s (hopefully temporary) absence, Andro and I will be hosting. We’re still figuring out the details on that one, but we should be opening up the polls for nominations soon.

Stay tuned!

So, anyway, hopefully the overriding message is clear: it’s officially time to cut loose and celebrate all that’s great in and around the UK blawgosphere today.

Group hug anyone? Winking smile


  1. Perky? You?! Seriously?!

    Will be interesting to see what newbies you manage to find (I kinda have this image of you in my head as the Pied Piper of the virtual world), what you uncover in these "probing" interviews, who will be victorious at the Blawggies.

  2. Like, can it get any more cheesy?!

  3. hehe... it made me chuckle writing it!

    AW - you think I lack the ability to be perky then? :p

  4. @Android, yes it could http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK2tWVj6lXw

  5. whoah... Rick's certainly got 'the moves'

    Can't beat it! :-)

    .... And it's given me an idea!! I think the blawgosphere should record their own rendition of Rick's classic song in which all blawgers profess their love for the 'sphere and all things blawg related!

    I'm sure we could bop out a quirky little number!

    Who's up for it? :p

  6. @Michael - I am up for it. But what happened to you? Did you just watch Hair? I do see a bit too much of the "flower power", peace and joy here. :D

  7. Great! :-)

    Not sure... think someone spiked my drink... I watched over two minutes of that video voluntarily so something is quite clearly very wrong!!

  8. Ben, I must learn the dance moves from that video. So cool. ;D

  9. My Dear Michael,

    Group HUG?!?! Heavens to MURGATROYD, it is not to be borne!!! British lawyers HUGGING???? The Very THOUGHT!!!!!!

    (*sickening thud in background - Mr Justice Eady fainting*

  10. Android, I hope you will actually. I expect it to be on youtube :D


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