Legal Outsourcing

As a favour to an MSc student, Lee, battling with his dissertation, I’ve agreed to put together a short post to help publicise the survey he’s running.

It essentially concerns the management of risk in relation to outsourcing legal services – which may or may not light your fire – but it’s worth a gander all the same.

Lee’s keen to hear from as broad a selection of the legal sector as possible, including those entering the profession, so please go ahead and add your two-penneth.

1. How would you describe the risk attitude within your law firm?  - Good to Poor

2. Would you agree that your Partners are committed to establishing a risk aware culture? - Strongly Agree to Strongly disagree

3. Is risk management actively undertaken within your firm? - Yes/No

4. Who manages the risk process within your law firm?

- Head of Risk

- Senior Risk Partner

- Chief of Internal Audit

- Other

You can check out the full questionnaire here.


  1. What?.. ;D

    What kind of risks are we talking about? The ones in relation to outsourcing legal services? Er... ;D

  2. huh?

    As the leper said to the prostitute, "it is what it is!" ;-)


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