House Move

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Apologies for the radio silence recently blawgwatchers; the Michael has been battling with a painfully stressful house move.

The good news is the worst is over (I think).

Rest assured - normal service shall resume shortly.


  1. Moving. Eek gads. Almost worse than Barbri. Almost. :)

  2. Aw, a house move should be fun. Great time to clean out all needless stuff...redecorating, packing and unpacking...ok, yeah, that's tough.
    Hope the stress and pain is over soon.

  3. Again?? :)

    Have you seen this: :)

  4. MLU - hehe... almost! ;-)

    LY - fun is .... one word to describe it.

    Andro, well, it'd been 18 months or so... time for a change, right? Should be here a bit longer this time! :-)
    (and yes, I saw I had a visit via that site yesterday... but how did you stumble across it? :-$

  5. Someone tweeted the link :)

  6. Congrats on the new place! Hope you settle in okay.


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